Vaginitis Testing

Recon Diagnostics offers fast and accurate molecular lab solutions to
individuals, healthcare providers, and organizations.

Vaginitis Panel

Recon Dx uses advanced technology for vaginal infection testing, offering faster and more accurate results compared to traditional methods.

Molecular techniques detect pathogens and resistance genes with higher sensitivity and specificity. This is crucial for high-risk patients, or those with complex infections. Molecular testing avoids biases seen in culture-based methods, ensuring accurate detection of pathogens and resistance genes.

Laboratory Expertise

Backed by a team of qualified scientists and laboratory technicians, our team of experts are available for phone consultations when you need it most.

Next-Day Results

Recon Dx provides next-day results, enabling you to deliver quality care with reliable,fast results.

Accuracy & Precision

Respiratory infection testing by ReconDx uses Real Time PCR to detect microorganisms and resistance, providing high accuracy, sensitivity, and scalability above industry standards.

Comprehensive Respiratory Panels

ReconDx respiratory infection testing detects pathogens and resistance with highly sensitive molecular methods, testing for up to 30 common pathogens and resistance targets across a variety of classes and subclasses.

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